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Mahamevnawa is a forest monastery established with a pure intention of practicing the Dhamma, the Eightfold Path and understanding the Four Noble Truths within the same Buddha Sasana of the Gauthama Buddha.

With vast experiences of over 25 years, Venerable Bhikkhu Kiribathgoda Gnanananda started the Monastery in the name Mahamevnawa, on a day in August in the year 1999, in order to practice the Dhamma in-line with the noble teachings of Lord Buddha. Because of the Dhamma sermons and meditation programmes, conducted in a unique style as per the Buddha’s teachings and the simple local language used, attracted hundreds of thousands of disciples to gather around Mahamevnawa and became one of the most popular monasteries in the Island. Currently about 40 monasteries are there Island wide under massive roof of Mahamevnawa and over 500 young monks learn and practice the Dhamma at those locations. There is a separate chain of monasteries also for ladies who wish to practice the Dhamma and Mahamevnawa represents the identity of Gauthama Buddha Sasana in overseas locating at over 06 major cities serving the international community with the original teachings of Lord Buddha.

Presently an average of 3000 disciples gathers for usual Dhamma meditation programmes at meditation centres Island wide and for special programmes conducted by Ven Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero at the Mahamevnawa HQ in Polgahawela, Sri Lanka, the number goes pass the even the 15000 mark. The special programme conducted for the disciples at Swarnamalee Stupa compound in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka was one of the largest and the most successful events we organized in the year 2008. The attendance in numbers was just above 1.1 million from all over the country. This is for you to have a little idea as how effective this mission has been and the way it has changed the darkness in lives of the public within a very short period of time.

The chief venerable thero always tries to establish the most required ‘peace & harmony’ among the communities in the country….. Not just with advices but also by action and examples. Those who require a shelter to live, poor who require a meal to survive, disabled who require the support of another, care house or hospital that require facilities or medicines……. are always supported by the kind-hearted and generous disciples who are gathered around Mahamevnawa. People who are stressed and seeking for external assistance, do always get the best treatment for their conditions and the most suited solutions for their matters which you find exclusively in Buddhism. Right from the family- the smallest unit in the society, the entire nation is being benefited through this noble effort and the support provided by Mahamevnawa.

www.bhagava.org is the official English website of the Buddhist Monastery, Mahamevnawa..!
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