Wednesday, March 31, 2010

About The Founder

About The Founder

During our lifetime...we do meet various kinds of people. Out of all these people, it is rare that we come across a person who would institute a significant alteration in our life. Those individuals of rareness are the ones who would point out blunders of our past and transform our lives in to characters of success by lighting the gray areas. No one would know that the sky was set in dark until the bright moon rises.

Since brightness does exist, the darkness also does exist. Similarly, until we enlighten our lives we wouldn’t know that we have been groping in darkness. Our teacher the great sage the Gautama Buddha could be undoubtedly recognized as the Sun, which brightened such lives. What is disclosed beyond this is regarding the miraculous tale of a great human being who performs like a moon which reflects the unmatched light of the Buddha. He is, namely Kiribathgoda Bhikkhu Ñānānanda. He became an indelible icon of the great Buddhist monks of Sri Lanka and continues to sermonize the sacred Doctrines of the Buddha in the same unfeigned manner and remain a resourceful treasure for all of us.

You may also impressively feel the passionate chronicle of the life of such valuable persons and significant attributes of them. This page uncovers you this marvelous Character.

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