Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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The Launch of the CD about Yasodara
The Launch of the CD about Yasodara
These are some beautiful scenes from the day of launch of the collection of verses about "Yasodara” and the Poya Day program conducted at the Mahamevnawa Amawatura Monastery...

Oblation of Kelaniya Maha Stupa(14th February, 2010)
There was an oblation of Kelaniya Maha Seya on 14th February, 2010 with the intention of urging the wandering youth of our country to the direction of Dhamma. Here, you can find some intriguing pictures of this event where a large number of youths participated.

The Swarnamali Maha Stupa in Mahavihara
මහමෙව්නාව මහා විහාර‍යේ ස්වර්ණමාලී සෑ රජුන්
These are the wonderful photos of Swarnamali Stupa built in the Mahamevnawa Mahavihara premises at Udaaparekka in Matara. ...

Higher Ordination Ceremony 2009
උපසම්පදා පුණ්‍යෝත්සවය
Some scenes from the Higher Ordination Ceremony performed at the Mahamevnawa Mahavihara at Udaaparekka in Matara on 18th through 20th of May, 2009.
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