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Dhamma Books

Dhamma Books

01. The Spiritual Biography of Ven. Kiribatgoda Gnanananda Thera

During our lifetime...we do meet various kinds of people. Out of
all these people, it is rare that we come acr
oss a person who would institute a significant alteration in our life. Those indi
viduals of
rareness are the ones who would point out blunders of our past and transform our lives in to characters of success by lighting the gray areas. No one would know that the sky was set in dark until the bright moon rises.

You may also impressively feel the passionate chronicle of the lif
e of such valuable persons and significant attributes of them. This book uncovers you this marvelous Character.

02. Buddhism Is A Positive Force

Many people today speak of positive and proactive thinking. These phrases may convey different meaning in special contexts. In our discussion in this book we will discuss them from a perspective of the Buddha’s Dha

03. Buddhism Is Immaculate

A Bhikkhu must identify and recognize what his calling and duties are. All Bhikkhus become ordained to seek a cessation of suffering and attain the blissful state of Nibbana. That is why every Bhikkhu makes a solemn promise at the time of ordination as a monk, “to become free from all suffering and attain Nibbana” (sabba dukkha nissarana nibbana sac­chikaranattaya).

04. Good And Bad Kamma

All beings continue in a series of rebirths according to their accumu­lated kamma -results. The uninitiated are enslaved by unwhole­some kamma-actions that prolong the continuance of re­births. Buddhas come to this world and spread the all-important message: not to indulge in unwhole­some kamma-actions but to engage in kamma-actions that are wholesome and meritorious. In that way beings can become free from the suffering of continuing rebirth.

05. The World Of Lord Buddha

From the beginning of their history, human beings spread around the globe. What did they contribute to their fellow beings? What were their struggles? What were their main ambi­tions? What were their victories?

They carried with them an insatiable passion to emulate and sur­pass each other. They desired to be­come more powerful by destroying each other. They sought means to best please their senses. In search of that goal they shed blood in frightening wars.

06. The Worlds Are Convinced By Lord Buddha

Deva worlds, Brahma worlds, Hells, and the world of Spirits: these are things we cannot see. There are many people who suggest that they are imagined thoughts.

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